College of Biomedical Science and Engineering

College of Biomedical Science and Engineering】

The College of Biomedical Science and Engineering of National Yang-Ming University has been founded in 1994. It nurtures excellent interdisciplinary talents in the fields of medicine and engineering. The school values centripetal force of departments, faculties and students, promotes interdisciplinary and interdepartmental English courses, as well as industrial application and interdisciplinary research and developments of translational medicine. The school nurtures talents to develop the biotechnology industry and actively promotes popular science education. The School encourages students to study abroad and joining  Double Degree Programs with Germany’s Heidelberg University and France's Université de Technologie de Troyes (UTT).

Department of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science in Medicine
The Department of Biotechnology and Laboratory Science in Medicine has 13 full-time faculties engaged in different areas of basic science, biomedical and translational medicine research. It consists of virology group, bacteriology group, disease group, cancer group and hematology group. We strengthen clinical and industrial applications to cultivate excellent medical technologies and domestic biomedical talents.

Department of Biomedical Engineering
The aim of Department of Biomedical Engineering is to apply engineering principles and design concepts to the fields of biology and medicine to solve clinical problems including those in medical diagnosis/clinical treatment and cares. It complies with with national policies and supports industrial upgrading for developing medical devices, such as medical implants (artificial joints/dental implant/bone screw & plate), AI in medical applications, medical chip sensor and drug delivery/carrier/biomaterials. The mission of the Biomedical Engineering is to cultivate excellent engineers in the field of medical devices.

Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology
Our department is the first in Asia that offers 6-year Doctor of Physical Therapy program which combines Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology. We also offer complete graduate programs at master and PhD levels. Our curriculum emphasizes on comprehensive medical and health education, deepenining clinical training that connects with related industry via internships, implementing differential diagnosis, business administration and management, as well as clinical reasoning and decision making. Our goal is to cultivate student's professional independence and competitiveness, and to fulfill the needs of the society.

Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences
Biomedical imaging and radiological sciences are critical to diagnoses and treatment of many diseases. Our department focus on the basic education of radiological sciences, including multi-disciplinary theories and practical designs of radiotherapies and medical imaging diagnosis to solve important pathophysiological problems. Specifically, we emphasize teaching of researches of translational medicine and theragnostic to cultivate radiographers and radiologists who will possess independent abilities to operate different modalities in clinics.

Institute of Biophotonics
The Institute of Biophotonics integrates high-tech fields including biomedical science and optics as well as the development of new medical diagnostic techniques. Our department has professional teachers and laboratories which gives the students the opportunity to interact with the international community. With this opportunity the department cultivates excellent research talents in the fields of biophotonics and nano sciences.