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    Teaching and Research


    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Course
    Advanced Proteomics
    The Applications of Oligonucleotide
    Special Topics on Stem Cell and Cancer
    Biotechnology in Medicine
    Principles of Sensors & Biomedical Application
    Classification of Brain Signals and Application to Brain Computer Interface
    Practical Skills of the Design and Development of Medical Devices
    Surface Technologies for Biomaterial Applications
    Advanced Material Mechanics
    Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
    Science and Engineering Technology in Clinical Oncology
    Computer Aided Engineering
    Virtual Reality: Theorems & Applications
    Design and Manufacture of Assistive Devices
    Pilates for Rehabilitation

    Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy
    Prosthetics and Orthotics / Practicum in Prosthetics and Orthotics
    Physical activity and Health Promotion Research
    Application of Assistive Technology Services in Long-Term Care
    Instrumentations for Diagnostic Radiology
    Special Topics in Monte Carlo Calculations
    Particle Transport
    Translational Molecular Imaging Research
    Hybrid Radionuclide Imaging and Quantification
    Medical Application of Particle Accelerator
    Radiopharmaceuticals and Radioimmunoassay Analysis
    VBA Programming for Instrumental Analysis
    Micro-nano Fabrication Technology
    Principle and Applications of Optical Tomography
    LabVIEW Programming and Applications
    Biomedical Optical System
    Optical Microscopy for Living Cells


    【Double Degree】
    University of Heidelberg ( Germany)
    University of Technology of Troyes ( France)

    【Internship & International Cooperation】
    JAMK University of Applied Sciences(Finland)
    University of Evansville ( U.S.A)
    Niigata University of Health and Welfare (Japan)
    Nara Institute of Science and Technology(Japan)
    Aichi Medical University (Japan)
    Duke Kunshan University (China)
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China)
    Shandong First Medical University (China)
    Manipal Academy of Higher Education (India)


    Infectious Diseases research
    Cancer Research
    Precision Medicine
    Blind Reconstruction/ Deaf-mute hearing and sound reconstruction
    Stem cell research and nerve regeneration
    Nanomaterial and artificial organs
    Minimally invasive surgery and artificial joint
    Research and development of biosensor
    Research and development of Artificial sensory organ
    Optical Engineering
    Biophysics and Chemistry
    Simulation and Signal Processing

    Elderly caring and Telemedicine
    Musculoskeletal/ nervous/ Pediatric Physical Therapy
    3D printing
    Development of assistive devices and technology of rehabilitation
    Service and policies of disability and assistive devices
    Improvement of sports scienceand health
    Long-term care for elderly women
    Radiotherapy and radioprotection
    Image and equipment physics
    biomedical imaging and signal processing
    Molecular medicine
    Development and application of nuclear medicine and magnetic vibration drugs
    Radiobiology, molecular and cancer biology
    Radiological diagnosis, radio therapy, diagnosis and treatment of nuclear Medicine
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    Activities of International and Cross-strait Interschool Cooperation

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    Language Learning and Writing Center

    Language Learning and Writing Center
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    Office of Bilingual Education

    Office of Bilingual