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Department of Biotechnology and Lab Science in Medicine

Department of Biotechnology and Lab Science in Medicine


Department of Biotechnology and Lab Science in Medicine

Goals and Degree Programs – Our department, established in1979, offers BSc, MSc, PhD degree programs for students who are interested in becoming a medical technologist, academic or industrial research scientist, professor, public servant, etc.

Curriculum – The four-year undergraduate program provides extensive basic and clinical science and biotechnology trainings, research opportunities, and twenty-weeks clinical internship in three of the best local medical centers (Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Mackay Memorial Hospital, and Veterans General Hospital). In addition to course work requirements, MSc and PhD students are actively involved in research supported by government or private grants and core facilities with state-of-the-art equipment such as Illumina HiSeq next generation sequencer, LTQ-Orbitrap mass spectrometer, flow cytometer, confocal microscope, etc.

Faculties and Research InterestsA total of 13 full-time professors and 6 adjunct/affiliate professors are involved in undergraduate and graduate teachings and supervise students’ research. Besides, four affiliated professors and numerous senior medical technologists supervise the undergraduate internship in hospitals. Our faculties have diverse research interests in cancer biology, drug discovery, immune and metabolic diseases, immune therapy, microbial genetics, genomics, resistance and host interactions, proteomics, protein engineering, and virology. (For more details, please visit our website: bin/home.php)

Tuition and fees – Highly affordable annual tuition and fees for domestic and overseas Chinese undergraduate and graduate students (~USD 2,000) as well as students from China and other countries (~USD 4,000).
Scholarships and financial aids – Scholarships and financial aids are available for students with excellent academic/research performances and those from low income families.

Student Exchange Programs – Research or coursework oriented students exchange programs are available in sister or collaborating universities in Asia, Europe, and USA.