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Professor Lin Junli from the Department of Biomedical Engineering cooperates with the 2021 Taipei Biotechnology Awards "Technology Transfer Excellence Award"

The Taipei City Government organized the "2021 Taipei Biotechnology Awards", and the award ceremony was held on the morning of September 11, when Mayor Ko Wen-Che unveiled the winners of the "Innovation Technology Award", "International Advancement Award", "Technology Transfer Cooperation Award" and "Cross-Disciplinary Excellence Award". This year, during the epidemic prevention period of the new crown, the award ceremony was held in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations and encouraged outstanding biotechnology research institutions and enterprises in Taiwan through a concrete commendation ceremony.

The "Design and Development of Parametric Implants for Dental Implants with Optimized Structure of the Mandibular Region" developed by Professor Lin Junli of the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Dr. Wu Zhengxian of the Department of Oral Surgery of Taipei Veterans General Hospital won the "Excellent Award for Technology Transfer Cooperation". The main theme of the research and development is to integrate CT scan, optimized structural design, computer-aided simulation analysis and metal 3DP printing technologies to develop a customized reconstructed metal implant for patients with extensive jaw bone defects, which has functional features such as segmental occlusion biomechanics, lightweight structural design and can be used with post-operative dental implants. After the company has passed the QMS certification for medical devices, the implant will enter clinical trials for the benefit of patients with extensive mandibular deficiencies, so that patients can have their jaws reconstructed with a combination of cosmetic, biomechanical, and occlusal considerations and improved quality of life.

Professor Lin Junli and Mayor Ko Wen-je

Interview with Professor Lin Junli

2021 Taipei Biotechnology Award Certificate