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Yangming Jiaotong University joins hands with Platinum Technology and Business Tools to create a new situation for diversified employment of medical talents

The Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiology of National Yang Ming Jiaotong University (hereinafter referred to as Yang Ming Jiaotong University Department of Medical Radiology), one of the leading departments in Taiwan to train medical radiologists and medical physicists, signed a multi-million scholarship and multi-year cooperation agreement with Platinum Technology Co. In addition to clinical services and further studies, students will have the option to engage in industrial services and R&D.
Dean Lin Junli of the School of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, Yang Ming Jiaotong University, said in his speech that the cooperation between the enterprise and the Department of Medical Radiology has become a model of medical talent cultivation, which will attract more outstanding students to the development of medical technology. Yang Feng Yi, Director of the Department of Medical Radiology, Yang Ming Jiaotong University, also expressed that the signing of this multi-year contract expresses the determination of the academia and the enterprise to jointly promote the cultivation of talents in the long term, and hopes that the medical professionals will be involved in the research and development of industrial applications in the coming years to consolidate the sustainable development of the relationship between the two parties.

President Chih-Hung Lin of Yang Ming Jiaotong University expressed his enthusiasm for the bilateral cooperation between the university and the industry, which coincides with the university's recent promotion of the Ten-Year Vision Plan of One Tree, One Hundred Harvest.
Platinum Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company whose core business is material development and manufacturing, optical thin film design and manufacturing, and has been actively involved in the development of nuclear medicine in recent years, with complete material development and process technology. In the past, Platinum Technology has been cooperating with the nuclear medicine team of Yang Ming Jiao Tong University for many years. Now, Platinum Technology attaches more importance to the cultivation of nuclear medicine talents and professional research and development in the Department of Medical and Radiological Sciences of Yang Ming Jiao Tong University, and has provided a 10-year scholarship of $1.2 million to encourage the cultivation of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging bachelor and master talents.

In recent years, we have further developed a cloud-based medical information platform and integrated the booming AI services and telemedicine in Taiwan and abroad to gradually create a new medical service and user environment. In the medical imaging and AI services, we need talents who are familiar with medical imaging, AI features and foreign language skills from the Department of Medical and Radiology of Yang Ming Jiaotong University. In addition to the $300,000 scholarship for three years, the program also provides paid internship opportunities for bachelor's and master's degree students to enhance their career development and field experience.

While most of the medical personnel training in China is aimed at clinical professional services and obtaining national licenses, the Department of Medical Technology of Yang Ming Jiaotong University has not only been deeply engaged in training top medical technology personnel for a long time, but also continues to innovate and make breakthroughs as a benchmark for research and development in related fields both domestically and internationally. Now, the Department of Medical Technology of Yang Ming Jiaotong University has joined hands with platinum technology and business tool technology, which are the benchmark companies in China, to jointly create a job market for the industrial development of medical talents.
The CEO of Platinum Technology, Mr. Xinmiao Peng, and the General Manager of Business Tools Technology, Mr. Wei-Neng Ding, are both alumni of Jiaotong University. Both of them laughed at the opportunity to give back to their alma mater after this year's merger, and will continue to participate in the cultivation and development of cross-disciplinary talents in the fields of information and medicine, and materials and medicine to create more valuable sparks.